Top 10 Useful Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox is one of the most-preferred and most-used web browsers in the entire world these days. There is no question about that since it is packed with so many features and tools that internet users will surely love. The developer of this web browser makes sure that users will have convenient moments while surfing the net. In relation to this, here are 10 useful Firefox developer tools you should know:


  1. Vertical and Horizontal Rulers – This is the very first one on the list of Firefox developer tools. This tool comes with pixel units displayed on the page. When you are arranging your elements on the page, this tool would be extremely helpful. In order to access this helpful Firefox tool, what you need to do is enter to the “Toolbox Options”. From there, you can see the “Available Toolbox Buttons”. Under it, you can find “Toggle rulers for the page”, and this is where you can find the vertical and horizontal rulers.


  1. CSS Selectors – The truth is, Firefox toolbox will always allow you to take screenshots on the entire page or on the visible portions. Even so, what makes this Firefox developer tool is the fact that you can use it in taking screenshots on an specific element, or those elements that are only visible when you use the computer mouse.


  1. Eyedropper – This Firefox developer tool is actually a color picker tool that is built in on the Firefox browser. In accessing this useful tool, the only thing you need to do is click the “Toolbox Options”. After clicking it, you will then see the “Available Toolbox Buttons” option. Under that section is the “grab a color from the page” checkbox where you can see the Eyedropper tool.


  1. 3D View – Layout problems may come your way, especially if you are making a layout of your specific layout. This may not be that serious problem, but there should be a good solution for this. This is actually where 3D View Firefox developer tool comes into play. You can surely see the webpages in a 3D view through this tool.


  1. Browser Styles – This Firefox developer tool comes in two kinds. This is the default browser style and the browser-specific style. The former is the one that is assigned to every single element, while the latter is the one that has browser prefix. If your stylesheet has override issues, these can be easily detected by just looking at your browser styles. If there is an existing browser specific style, you can also notice it easily through this tool.


  1. Disable JavaScript – Coding a website is always a great practice in order to have good screen reader compatibility. The javascript-disabled environment must not hinder the functionality of the website. Hence, in order for you to know that the site is in excellent functionality, the Disable JavaScript tool from Firefox can be very helpful for you to use. You will know if your current session can be affected.


  1. Style Editor – In order to make sure that the website can be accessed by any user without experiencing some issues, it should be developed well to the extent that it will still be readable and accessible even without the presence of styles. You can actually see the appearance of a website that has no style being used by disabling the styles that can be found on the developer tools. This is where Style Editor tool extremely helpful.


  1. Preview – Another extremely useful Firefox developer tool is the Preview. Through the help of this tool, you can be able to preview all the HTML contents that you need. You will then know if there are bits of sensitive information being rendered. In accessing this specific useful tool, what you need to do is go to “Menu”, and then find the “Developer” option. From there, you can find the “Network” section. Afterwards, you have to open a certain webpage you want and then click the “desired request” that has required HTML response, of course.


  1. Responsive Design Mode – Of course, any website should have great responsiveness, so that the desired web traffic can be achieved. Who would want to visit a site that will take you forever before it responses by the way? Hence, in order to check the responsiveness of a certain website, using the Responsive Design Mode in the Firefox developer tool would be very helpful.


  1. Scratchpad – For sure, there will be times that you need to perform quick JavaScript executions on a particular website. In this case, the Scratchpad Firefox developer tool can help a lot. In order to access this extremely useful tool, you can simply go to “Menu” bar and click on the “Developer” section. From there, you can then find the “Scratchpad” tool.


These are the 10 useful Firefox developer tools you should know. These developer tools are more than enough to confirm the excellence of Firefox as a web browser.


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