10 Most Venomous & Dangerous Snakes In the World

Snakes are the most venomous and feared species in the world. Snakes are even used to symbolize evil probably due to the fear they impart. There is yet another, the Bible says that the devil came in the form of a snake to deceive Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit making them disobey God.

Snakes are kept as pets in many houses and also worshipped and associated with the divine in many places.  Snake bites can cause severe health concerns, even death, in human beings depending on various factors like the amount of venom penetrated, depth of fangs, mental condition of the victim and many more. Here are the ten most dangerous snake species.

Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan is also called fierce snake, which makes it obvious that it is extremely dangerous. In fact, it is the most toxic snake in the world. Its venom, by a large margin, is stronger than that of any other species in the world. These snakes are found in the southern Australia. If bitten by an Inland Taipan, death of the victim is said to occur in one hour. However, the victim can be treated with Antivenom, produced by the Australian Reptile Park and Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, and has to be under intensive care.

The brown snake

The Eastern brown snakes, also called the common brown snakes, are the second most venomous snakes in the world, after the Inland Taipan. Eastern brown snakes are responsible for most deaths by snakebites in Australia. These snakes are widespread throughout Australia. They are active during the day and nights. They are actually shy snakes and reacts defensively when felt threatened. Human attacks are caused as a defense reaction. If bitten, medical help should be sought immediately. If bitten on limp, apply pressure and immobilize the limp. If bitten anywhere else, then apply direct pressure to the bite site. Do not wash the bitten area and seek medical help immediately. Moreover, they react to movements, so stand still if one is encountered.

Coastal Taipan

Coastal Taipan is the world’s third most venomous snake and is the largest snake in Australia. They are found in Australia and some parts of New Guinea. Its venom contains potent toxins capable of affecting the nervous system and the ability of blood to clot. Victims of bites may experience headache, nausea, vomiting, internal bleeding, paralysis, collapse, myolisis and kidney failure. If the bite is severe, the victim can die in 30 minutes otherwise death can occur in about 2.5 hours. Seek medical help immediately even for minor bites.

Black mamba

The black mamba is considered as the largest and the most dangerous and feared snake of Africa. The locals refer to this snakebite as the ‘kiss of death’. The name ‘black mamba’ is given to it because of the inky-black color inside its mouth. The black mamba bites can cause collapse in human in about 45 minutes or less. They are aggressive but do not bite unless felt threatened and provoked. Bite victim may experience neurological and neuromuscular symptoms. If bitten, apply tourniquet proximal and seek medical help immediately.

Caspian cobra

Caspian cobra, also called central Asian Cobra Oxus cobra or Russian cobra, is the most venomous and dangerous among the cobra species. They exist in the Central Asia, in the Transcaspian region. Its bite causes tissue damage, severe pain and swelling in the bitten area. If the bites are not given immediate medical treatments, death occurs in not very long from the time of bite due to respiratory failure.

Saw-Scaled Viper

Saw-Scaled Viper is one of the most dangerous vipers. These snakes are found in India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, some parts of Middle East and Central Asia. The venom is slow acting but if left untreated, it can lead to painful deaths. Within minutes of bite, swelling and pain occurs. In very bad cases, swelling may extent to the entire affected limp and results in blisters on skin. Antivenin therapy and intravenous hydration must be given to the snakebite victims immediately.


Daboia, also called Russell’s viper and Chain viper, is a venomous snake and is one of the snake species responsible for causing most of the snake-bitten deaths. Moreover, it is responsible for more human fatalities in India than any other species and is a member of the big four snakes in India. It is very irritable, short tempered and aggressive in nature. It is found in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, china, Taiwan and Pakistan. Its bite is the most excruciatingly painful of all snake bites. Victims of its bite experience bruising, blistering and necrosis symptoms.

Common Krait

The Common Krait also called the blue krait or the Indian Krait. They are found in parts of Pakistan and west Bengal and throughout south India and Srilanka. They have been found also in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. This species is a member of the Big Four. Its bite leaves no local or visible symptoms getting the victims into a false assurance. But in the long run, the victims experience abdominal cramps. It can also cause respiratory failure and progressive paralysis. Penetrations of venom can be delayed by applying pressure band aid and seek medical treatment without delay.

Egyptian Cobra

The Egyptian Cobra is found in the northern Africa and is a deadly species being one of the largest cobra species. A large amount of venom is transferred in a single bite. The venom severely affects the nervous system stopping the nervous transmission from brain to muscles and gradually to the heart and lungs thus leading to death. The bite victims experience nausea, local pain, swelling, bruising and blistering. It is said that it can cause deaths in just 10 minutes.

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra is a highly venomous Cobra Species found in the Southern Africa.  It is also called the yellow cobra after its rich yellow color variations. It is one of the most venomous snake species found in Africa and often is found around homes. Victims of bite must be treated with antivenin immediately. Deaths may occur in less than hour due to respiratory failure caused by paralysis.