10 Best Google Cardboard VR Games & Apps for Android

Google cardboard are nowadays becoming more popular in computer games. The virtual reality games are mainly designed for game lovers who play crazily with this VR Kits. Using VR, the game which we are playing can be more alive. In this, the game looks more real where the cities in it is designed as same as like our cities and we have to ride the VR bikes with high speed but without causing any accidents. It is the best thing in media entertainment which we lovely addicted. There are various VR games available in Google Play Store and Apple itunes, you can download the games from there.  Let’s go through the 10 best VR games for google cardboard.

1. InMind

InMind is an  adventure game which is mainly designed for Google Cardboard and it contains of arcade elements. In this game we can experience the miracle that can be played in human mind and can explore into the microworld. And another feature is that it can be played without any special viewers. This game is totally free and you can download it from google play store.


2. Caaaaardboard!

Caaaaardboard! is an android game which can really turns your smartphone into a virtual reality space. If you have played with this then you can understand how much amusing it is.  This game is a  a custom-tailored version of Aaaaa! and it work with google cardboard. Using Caaaaardboard! you can dive off of buildings in VR. Caaaaardboard is the awesome VR app which we can dive from a skyscraper, spray paint buildings, flip off protesters. It can be played by seated or standing.

3. VR Bike

VR Bike is a virtual reality game for google cardboard. Are you dreaming to drive fast or fastest on the highway and like to ride crazy in traffic then VR Bike is the solution. motionless speed is the other feature of this game and the speed evolution from 90 kph to 320 kph. There are 18 levels in this game with various speed. Speed is the important factor in each level of this game. There are mainly three modes in the game they are easy, normal and hard. In easy mode the driving is in the divided highway. In the normal mode the driving is in two-way in highway. In hard mode the driving is in opposite direction.

4. WAA! VR

WAA! VR is a virtual realistic game which is easy to play and have very much fun while playing. In this game you can play as a little astronaut if you like to go on adventures. This game is fairly expensive and it mainly focuses on controls  so you just look at something in order to select it. The play is about that if you are playing then you must defend the astronauts from the incoming steroids Even kids too can play this game.

5. Lamper VR: Firefly Resque

“Lamper VR is one of the most glossy VR games in nowadays. It is now available on Google cardboard for free!. It is an incredible 3D experience which you believe only while experience it. This is the newest version of this game and it is better than ever. The nutshell of this game is in Lamper VR there is a brave lightning bug in a big threatening globe. The sinister Spiders have conquered the Firefly kingdom and kidnapped you friends. So your role is to rescue all and win. It is a different 3D experience

6. End Space VR

End Space VR is a totally immersive VR experience which uses AAA graphics and 3D graphics. This game is space related so there are 3 beautifully carfted space environments. Its a never ending game play. This game is supported by Bluetooth and USB game pad controllers. You can share your scores with your friends. This is a fully fun filled game.

7. Proton Pulse

Proton Pulse is a highly addictive game. It is a 3D arcade brick breaking game where you have to spin and move from one place to another with a proton ball to destroy the enemy core. In this game you can use your head to spin and tilt the energy balls.

8. Deep Space Battle

Deep Space Battle is an ultimate VR space shooter  which is now better than any other game and it is totally free. This space shooter is designed for Cardboard VR and it is a virtual realistic fight and blasting the enemy ships.

9. Corridoom VR

Corridoom is a VR game which is a runner game where you have to run and make turns and dart the obstacles by moving your head otherwise you will die. It is an entertaining virtual realistic game without any boredom.

10. Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter realizes the feeling of line between life and death. There are many zombies in this game and you have to aim at this and should kill them. Its a simple game but its not completely free, you have to purchase it from google app after playing to a certain extent.


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