Whatsapp on Facebook, a New Frontier In The Finest Collaboration on Social Networks

Whatsapp has been rumored on the working with an integration pact with Facebook. Now Whatsapp is on a joint venture with Facebook to secure the chats and communication with end to end encryption. The collaborative approach by the two giants in social networking is said to emphasize on many mores issue where a strengthened reforms could be put in place with the technologies shared amongst the two firms in the information technology sector.
The chats and contents in Whatsapp can be also shared in Facebook through an integration feature in whatsapp. This holds for private mode as well as public shares for the two networks simultaneously. The integration is supposed to be flagged off as soon as the initial stance on the pact is over, and a technical review overseen by the representatives from both sides. The initial add-on comes with an install on Whatsapp that integrates the essential features of Facebook into Whatsapp which specially is being moderated on the Android devices initialy.

The inter-platform between the two is well suited for communication through an easy norms if on an Andoid,i-pad ,tablets etc. The very base of the reforms is aimed at the Android segments that are proving pretty prolific and prospective on the onset. The privacy options only come at the choice of the users ultimately. The users on whatsapp can disable the sharing on Facebook if they choose to. So no strings attached, but an added advantage to the users who vividly use the apps in their daily lives.No longer do they need to switch apps each time a conversation happens on the apps.
The whole events unfolded without much surprise for many in the industry, since the whole pact was predicted with the acquisition of Whatsapp in February last year in a 19 Billion Sellout to Facebook. With over billion active users on Whatsapp, the trend is due to be accepted by the vast majority who has equal preferences on the social networks. A much anticipated news for the millions who actively use the apps in a diligent and daily affairs.


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