Why Do Women Stares at Another Women?

We often see that women are staring on other women. It is something very common and obvious for a woman. Sometimes people are really curious to know why a woman stares at another woman. There are many reasons behind it actually. It depends upon the situation they are dealing with. Here are 10 reasons why a woman stares at another woman.

  1. Her dress is so ugly

Women are judgmental and they often take the self imposed responsibility to judge the dress or hair of another woman. It is not something they do intentionally; they do it with their habit and make sure to find out something or the other in the woman she is staring at.


  1. She has same dress as I have

Well, if any other wears something similar that she is wearing then it is her right to stare at her. She would also find out some flaws in her and make her believe that she is looking prettier than her.


  1. Just to check if everything is alright

She would just verify that everything is alright in the woman. Suppose a chewing gum is stick in her sandals then she would just stare to make sure everything is alright.


  1. If she sees something unusual

Well, if a woman is spotted with some unusual dress or hairstyle then the eyebrows are raised for other women. Anything a woman feels unusual will make her stares at another woman. This is the most common cause for a woman to stare at the other.


  1. If she is seen by others

When a woman see that another woman is getting seen by men, then she curiously find stare at her to figure out the reason. It is the method of understanding that why she is liked by others. She stares at her from top to bottom to understand her and satisfy her curiosity.


  1. What brand is she wearing?

A woman always wants to find out the brand other women wearing. She does not only stare at her but also find out the brand and how the dress is looking at her. If she has the same brand then she obviously mulls upon how pretty her dress is and her dress is not at the same level.


  1. I have the same dress

If a woman finds out that another woman has the same dress that she has in her closet then it is time for a long stare. She often blames her for copying her style if she is known to her. The options of not wearing the same dress also keep coming to her mind. Other women who haven’t seen her in the same dress may blame her of copying the other woman.


  1. The hatred

This is the most strange and long staring at another woman. It is full of hatred and dissatisfaction of course. However, in most cases the other woman is known to her and they have involved in some or other incident in life. The stare is full of rage and obvious. You can pretty often see this in the women’s eyes.


  1. Stare of admiration

Well, sometimes they stare to admire the other woman too. She might look pretty or her dressing sense may prompt her to stare at her for a long time.


  1. Stare for nothing

This is the most interesting stare of women and one of the most common as well. She stares at another woman just for no reason, but she likes staring.


Women love to stare at another woman for various reasons and these are just characteristics of every woman.


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