Why You Should not Turn on Your AC Immediately After You Enter Your Car

How often we have seen that people traveling in the car get into the car and turn on the AC. Well, it is understandable fact that Car is a luxurious product, one buys it for comfort. However, turning the AC immediately may cause more harm than one can ever imagine. If you are not aware of the fact then you must understand that why you should not do it.

The health impact

The car is made up plenty of substances that actually release Benzene. If you are not aware then, Benzene is a Carcinogen substance that can cause cancer and many other disorders. The disastrous poison of Benzene can impact your heart, bones, kidney and even liver. The sofa, dash board and even the air freshener contribute in poisoning the car atmosphere.

Now, the amount carcinogen permissible in the body is 50 mg. However, if a car is parked in the shed and inside then it produces around 400 to 500 mg of Benzene. That is way too beyond the level. On the other side, if you park the car in the Sun, then your car produces even more Benzene and that is around 3000 mg. This is the very high amount of toxin inside the car present at the car atmosphere at the moment you enter the car.

If you turn on the AC immediately after you get into the car, then you keep your windows closed. You are that means actually inhaling the high amount of toxic Benzene and inviting trouble for yourself. It is true that you can’t stop Benzene production at the car, but eventually you can make the situation better. If you open the windows of the car then all the toxic gases actually exhausts out of the car. You can either open the windows and the doors for a minute before entering the car or then drive it for a minute before closing the window and turning on the AC. However, if you are in a hurry then you can open the windows and drive for a couple of minutes before starting the AC on.

The Fuel and Engine Impact

The other point that can be made for not turning the AC right after you enter the car is that it increases the load for the engine. When the car starts, the engine takes a lot of loads and turning on AC will add more loads to it. It has two different impacts on the car. The first thing is that it increases the fuel consumption and secondly it decreases the engine longevity. The frequently you will use it, more stress the engine will bear and the more service it will require.

Turning on AC in the car just after you enter the car is a common thing in people especially in the summer season when the temperature is relatively higher. However, this could be a seed for the long term problem for your health and also for the health of your car.




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