Windows 10 Review & Official ISO Download

A major facelift of the Microsoft Windows operating system is here already – and it’s the Windows 10. The OS doesn’t necessarily change everything the users were used to, rather this version brings back the popular Start menu to a form that’s close to what we had seen in Windows 7 last. Speaking of the features and everything else, the new Windows 10 looks closer to both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1; with few variations setting the standards higher. A new internet browser is included bidding farewell to the long hauling Internet Explorer, might leave the users little nostalgic yet feeling glorious about the latest change. Here’s a brief review on the Windows 10.


The Best Windows Yet?

To many people, the Windows 10 is truly the best Windows in the past recent years. Of course, the legacy of Windows 7 can’t be overwritten but speaking of the versions that came after Windows 7; this new one clearly is made to rule. The Windows 10 features a new Start Menu that pulls up from the bottom left corner like we have always known it, featuring a miniature Start screen like window from the Windows 8 within the Start menu itself. Another best part about the Windows 10 is, it comes for free to the current Windows users. Pirated users may also have a chance for a year, after that it becomes paid. During the time of our review, Windows update came for free to the existing users.


Same Platform. Mane Device

Smartphone, tablet and computer – running the same OS on every interface is the idea Windows 10 brings. Boasting a similar interface across all the devices the Windows 10 has certainly brought universal flexibility and productivity among the users.


The present tech world is all about being portable and relying on cloud storage – where people get to access a common storage over a network without relying much on a device’s local storage itself. The idea is only efficient when the operating system is brought up with that mindset and a faster network connection is available. With the current improvements in internet technologies across the world, most regions have been covered under reasonably faster internet connection and hence, cloud storage is the future of computing. Windows 10 makes the integration better than ever.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has finally bade their farewell to the browser that’s been used since Windows 98. Internet Explorer was definitely a lot slower than all other modern browsers, yet it carried a nostalgic vibe. However, Microsoft Edge now makes internet browsing fast and smooth with a dedicated reading mode to make reading articles or blogs a pleasant experience.


Search and Cortana

With internet search technologies relying much on internet these days, Microsoft couldn’t lag behind any more. Cortana is an impressive new voice search engine that catches all your everyday phrases better than most other similar engines of yet. The search tab on the taskbar now changes the way Windows Search works. And if Cortana fails, Microsoft Edge would be launched to conduct an old-school search.


How to Update

On original Windows versions, keeping the Windows Update turned on would automatically show a notification for Windows update. The website provides a downloader as well, which manually downloads the installer and updates the current OS afterwards – a slower method. For Dreamspark students, ISO files are available on the server.

Download Link – Windows 10 ISO Download Page


Few controversies regarding the privacy on Windows 10 remains – other than those, Windows 10 is the most perfect Windows yet.


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