Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters in the History of India

Though we have moved forward in every walk of life with the help of science but we cannot cope with the natural disasters and emergencies that may arise in our ways. Natural disasters are the sudden accidents and emergencies that can come in our lives without knocking your doors. Nature always shown its hegemony to show there is no that can replace the nature even the science. On many occasions in lives, we have to come across to various disasters in which man cannot do anything but only prayers.

Such disasters can engulf thousands of lives and wide property within no time. And at that time man failed to do anything to stop that natural disaster and he have to pay regard to the powers and supremacy of the nature. Likewise these disasters have been known to arrive in the overpopulated or the developing countries because of their carelessness and mistakes like global warming.

India is also counted in those countries which have to face numerous natural disasters in its history. Following is the brief description of the top 10 most deadly natural disasters in India that has taken extreme peal of life and property.


  1. Uttarakhand floods: this natural disaster that was take place in the year of 2013 in the month of June. This is one of the most deadly natural disasters that centered on the Uttarakhand, the state in North India. This natural disaster was one of the worst natural disasters that took place in India after Tsunami. This flood and land sliding was caused by the blockage of rivers, lakes and canals by the debris of buildings and the heavy rainfall which was about 375 % more than the actual rainfall of the monsoon season. The loss of almost 5,700 lives and more than one thousand temples and pilgrims were trapped in the flood causing them to damage.
  2. Tsunami: one of the most worst and deadly natural disaster for not only the country of India but also for the countries adjoining the Indian Ocean like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan and many others. The disaster took place on December 26 in the year of 2004 and was caused by the earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Tsunami is also known as the Christmas Tsunami. The magnitude of this earthquake was 9.1–9.3 thus making it the third largest earthquake in the world. This earthquake and the flood caused the loss of almost 227,898 lives and extreme damage to the properties of the effected countries.
  3. Gujarat earthquake: another great disaster that was occurred on 26th of January in the year of 2001. That earthquake took place on the 52nd republic day of India causing damage to the nearby villages of Gujarat. The magnitude of this earthquake was about 7.7 rector scale and lasted only for 2 minutes. The loos of lives almost reached to 20,000 and almost 167,000 people were left injured. It is also estimated that 400,000 were demolished due to the great natural disaster.
  4. Odisha super cyclone: also known as Cyclone of 1999 as this disaster took place in the year of 1999 in the North Indian Ocean. This cyclone is one of the greatest disasters to India that has been ever recorded. The cyclone started from the area of Malay Peninsula and moved to the tropical regions of the India where it got more severe at the peak of 160 mph. winds. The deadliest cyclone was said to be caused by the disturbance that occurred in South China Sea and hit the area of India, Odisha and it lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and re-emerged in the Bay of Bengal on 31st of October 1991. With this disaster almost 275,000 houses were destroyed and approx. 10,000 were killed.
  5. Latur earthquake: this earthquake occurred in the year of 1993 and affected the areas of Maharashtra in the West India.The magnitude of this earthquake was recorder about 6.4 on the Richter scale with one of the greatest earthquake ever in the history of India, it demolished 52 villages and more than 20,000 people lost the battle of their lives with the 30,000 left injured.
  6. Bengal famine: the famine struck the areas of Bengal in the year of 1943. This famine is one of the worst and greatest natural disasters in India ever recorded. Approximately 3 million people were died during the famine and 1.5 to 4 million people was suggested to die due to starvation and malnutrition. The famine was caused by the vanishing of small traders when the people spent all the food that they had in their houses. This great famine caused major economic and social loss that ruins million families of India.
  7. Coringa cyclone:another deadliest cyclone that had proved to be the worst cyclone for the country of India was Coringa cyclone that occurred on November in the year of 1839. This took place on the previous Coringa state of India that is now known as Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone is known to kill almost 3.2 lac people in India and at least 25 thousand ships and vessels were ruined in the harbor city.
  8. Calcutta cyclone:featuring another most deadly disaster in India was the Cyclone of Calcutta that occurred on October 7th, 1737. This cyclone is discovered to be caused by tropical winds that continued to become a cyclone. It is believed to cause the damage to the low lying areas of India with the destruction of almost 20,000ships and canoes. And the loss of lives due this cyclone was about 300,000 to 350,000 individuals.
  9. Bengal famine: the famine of Bengal in the year of 1770 is also considered as one of the greatest natural disasters of India that had ruined millions of families. This famine was catastrophic that continues from 1769 to 1773. This famine affected the lower Gangetic plain of India causing almost deaths of 1 crore people.
  10. Deccan famine: the most deadly and worst disaster in India was the famine of Deccan that that lasts from 1632 to 1633. Almost 20 lacs people died due to starvation and hunger. According to researchers, the famine was caused by the failure of 3 consecutive staple crops.


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