10 YouTube Channels for Best Photography Tutorials

Photography is not just about clicking pictures. It is an art that can be learned with proper guidance. There are lots of people who want to become a professional photographer while many of them want to pursue it as a hobby. When you seriously want to learn about the tricks of photography sitting at home then there is nothing better than YouTube channel.  On YouTube you can find several photography video tutorial channels that can help you to improve your photography skill without charging any fee. All you have to do is just to follow the lessons.  Among the several photography video tutorials we have selected few high content quality and professional photography video tutorial channels on YouTube that you must subscribe immediately to start learning professional photography.


  1. Tookapic – Tookapic is one of the most creative channels on YouTube about photography that teaches every aspect of photography in a funny and creative way. The channel comes up with new content for the users to follow. The channel has less number of video tutorials but they are very educative.
  2. Adorama TV– Some people like starting everything from scratch. For them Adorama TV is the best platform to learn every photography trick from the very beginning. The channel contains several video tutorials for the amateurs and the professionals. You can simple select the videos that you want to start with. If you are little experienced photographer then you can start learning from the video tutorials that explains advanced photographic techniques.
  3. Matt Granger – It is yet another good photography video tutorial channel on YouTube. The host of the channel is Matt Granger who explains the tricks and tips of photography in a funny and interactive way. Matt keeps on uploading some highly useful video tutorials containing tips, tricks and camera review multiple times in a week. The channel features a playlist for everyone including beginners, intermediate and the professionals.
  4. Framed Show – This YouTube channel focuses and teaches everything like behind the scene action, tips, advices and techniques of photography. The channel also uploads photo shoots carried out by international photographers. The channel is subscribed by several photography enthusiasts who learn new techniques through the video tutorials.
  5. Jared Polin – This YouTube channel is hosted by Jared Polin who himself knows every bits of photography. The channel is admired for its encouraging and high quality content. The channel has several followers that follows every video tutorials posted by Jared. Jared also gives reviews and advices on photographic devices.
  6. The Art of Photography – The channel ‘The Art of Photography’ is highly followed by the photographic enthusiasts. The channel is hosted by professional photographer Ted Forbes who shares his secret about learning photography. The content in the channel is well sorted so that the followers and easily find the videos they are looking for. The video tutorials are not just on photographic techniques but it also tells you about the history of photography and the gear reviews. The qualities of the video tutorials are just outstanding.
  7. Matt Day Photo – Matt Day photo channel is one of the best channels on YouTube for analog photography. The video tutorials are hosted by Matt and you can figure out his passion and enthusiasm about photography through the videos. Matt keeps his followers updated with new photography gadget reviews, advices, tips and tricks. The channel also features few video tutorials that describe the compassion between two different cameras within same price range so that it becomes easier for the follower to decide and buy the camera according to his photography style.
  8. Phlearn – The channel ‘Phlearn’ on YouTube not only teaches photography but it also teaches post processing techiniques. The video tutorial explains about the use of light, probes and Photoshop in photography. The channel has content for both beginners and advanced users. The channel teaches new techniques to retouch the photos to make them even amazing.
  9. DigitalRev TV– DigitalRev TV is one of the most followed photography video tutorial channel of YouTube that explains every aspect related to photography. The video tutorials are hosted by young and enthusiastic Kai Wong who is a professional in this field. DigitalRev TV also provides reviews of camera, SLR, DSLR and lenses for the beginners. The channel posts interactive video tutorials for the learners and explains them every aspect of photography.
  10. SLR Lounge – It is one of the best channels on YouTube that teaches about photography. It is the one stop solution for those who want to learn everything from basic including planning, photo shoot, usage of probes and lights and then retouching of pictures to get rid of obnoxious element from the picture.

The above mentioned YouTube channels will help the photograph enthusiasts to learn new techniques to improve their photography skills sitting at home.


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