10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Photography

With Digital SLR, mirror-less and cellphone cameras being so much improved these days, more people are getting the opportunity to get into serious photography. Hobbyists would always find a way for their enthusiasm, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a paid website or institution as slow learning isn’t a problem for just hobbyists. However, if one wishes to take photography seriously then some professional involvement is necessary, which could be done through YouTube! Plenty of mentors teach their precious skills on YouTube, and there are certified courses as well. Some instructor may even offer certificates by the end of their course, which could come useful if you plan on continuing in photography lessons in any formal institution at a later time.

  1. PhLearn

PhLearn is the short form for the whole acronym Learn Photoshop, when a novice goes through the channel videos they’ll be able to figure out the meaning even better. This is one of the largest photography tutorial channels of YouTube. The inauguration happened back in October 11, 2011 and over the past 5 years, there had been 46,905,477 views on all the videos in this channel. Total number of subscriber for PhLearn is 884,878 and it was founded by Aaron Nace.


  1. Tony Northrup

Tony Northrup happens to be the pioneer in creating YouTube videos to teach the enthusiast and hobbyist photographers, as well as the ones who are taking photography very seriously for an upcoming career. 439,990 subscribers have subscribed to Tony Northrup’s channel, and the number of views in his channel has gone slightly above 34,000,000. This channel has started their journey back in 2007. The mentors are Chelsea and Tony, and they definitely know the art of photography and also how to teach.


  1. DigitalRev TV

Unlike many YouTube channels on Photography, DigitalRev TV always takes photography in the funniest possible way. Kai Wong and Lok C. are the presenter and cameraman respectively, and this duo is truly the funniest YouTube presenter in photography arena. However, this channel is more suitable for amateur.


  1. Michael The Mentor

Michael The Mentor provides reviews on all popular camera brands like Canon, Nikon and Sony and also, on-point training on specific cameras are also provided. Not just DSLR but also mirror-less cameras are on precise focus as the technology is growing pretty fast, and all the companies mentioned above have released their mirror-less iterations. This channel was founded in 2008.

  1. The Camera Store TV

The name pretty much speaks a lot or itself. The Camera Store TV reviews all the cameras that exist in the market or have been announced for a future release. Apart from reviewing photographic gadgets, this YouTube channel provided few surface level training on photography as well. People who’ve had earlier experience of photography would love the videos presented by Jordan Drake.


  1. LoveGrove Training

LoveGrove Training is a full-fledged photography based YouTube channel. Apart from regular camera reviews, the trainer, producer and director of this channel Damien Lovegrove provides training on casual and professional photography. This guy has done photography for brands like Motorola, Adidas and Peugeot – his opinion counts.


  1. Andrei Oprinca

Andrei has been uploading tutorial vides on photography to his YouTube channel named Andrei Oprinca since 2009, and over all these years he has got 230,971 subscribers and 14,482,822 views till yet. Apart from photography, Andrei has some knack on music production as well.


  1. David Iliyn

Since 2008, David Iliyn has been making videos on photography on YouTube and over all these years, he has 40,629 subscribers now and the number of views on his channel are 2,308,072. David Iliyn does audio engineering as well, he is based at Portland Oregon. David Iliyn is pretty active on all his social networking profiles thus anyone interested can easily keep up with him.


  1. Zack Arias

Photography is part science, part art. That’s what Zack Arias thinks about photography and that’s how the lectures on his YouTube channels are designed. If you are serious about photography and eager to learn more about the basic parts while leaving the extras away for a while, Zack Arias YouTube channel could be your best resort right now.


  1. Michael Woloszynowicz

Let’s face it, 1. Michael Woloszynowicz’s name is probably one of the hardest you’ll ever have to pronounce, but his tutorials on different image processing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom aren’t much. Apart from operating the camera and the science behind photography, Michael focuses more on post processing of pictures in Photoshop and Lightroom. Using plugins is an important part of both these programs, and Michael covers that part as well.



Apart from the knowledge earned from any third party source like YouTube channels or formal training on photography, an amateur photographer needs to practice a lot. Actual interaction with the camera and making the practices into intuition and habit matters the most while being actually out in the field.


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